Allergy Alert!
It is now estimated that one in three people will develop an allergy during their life.  An allergy is a reaction by the body’s immune system to certain substances such as foods, animal fur, dust or some plants.  The allergy is a response by the body’s immune system and often comes out in the form of a rash, bronchitis, arthritis, fatigue, eczema, depression or a headache.
The substances that cause allergies are called allergens.  Almost any substance can cause an allergy to someone but the most common allergens are grass pollen, dust and certain metals especially nickel), some cosmetics, animal hair, insect bites and stings, common drugs (penicillin, aspirin, codeine etc.), foods, food additives and chemicals found in soap and washing powder.
Many people are allergic to mould.  Moulds are microscopic living organisms that thrive where no other life can form.  Moulds live throughout the house – under the sink and in the bathroom, refrigerator and any damp dark places.  They are also found in the air, in the soil, on dead leaves and on other organic material.  They can be destructive but also beneficial.  Mould spores are carried by the wind and predominate in the summer and early autumn and in warm climates they thrive all year round.  Grass cuttings, harvesting crops or walking through tall vegetation will cause a reaction.
Allergies can basically be divided into three categories:
Environmental – things we breathe – mould, plant pollen etc.
Food – Nuts, shell fish etc. and food containing chemical additives
Skin – sensitivity to things that are put onto the skin and absorbed by the body tissues
There are many Forever products that may help alleviate some of the allergy symptoms: Forever Bee Pollen, Forever Bee Propolis, Aloe Gel, Berry Nectar and Bits ’n’ Peaches.  These products help build up the immune system and particularly support the body’s responses to these allergies.
Bee Pollen is ‘made’ when the bee takes the fertilising pollen dust from the flowers of the high, dry desert in Arizona, processes it with its enzymes and carries it to the hive for food.  Since it starts out with elements of plant pollen, it acts almost like a desensitiser against allergies, stimulating a positive immune response in addition to generally building up the system nutritionally.  It is also gathered from the desert where there is very minimal pollution and no pesticides and it is 100% pure and natural with no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours etc, it does not stimulate allergic responses to any of these allergens.  Pollen given orally has shown results in diminishing sensitivity to airborne pollens or prevents the onset of symptoms completely if the treatment begins pre-seasonally.
Many people that are allergic to bees have had great results with Forever Bee Pollen, starting with ¼ of a Pollen tablet then gradually increasing the intake.  Bee Pollen has long been used to assist with allergies but many people don’t think to take a Propolis at the same time for a combined effect.  Not only a powerful natural antibiotic, Propolis is also an extremely effective allergy fighter.
Allergy Facts:
An estimated 18 million people in the UK suffer from allergies.
The top three countries in the world for the highest incidence of allergy are Australia, New Zealand and UK.
In Europe, the UK has the highest incidence of allergies and the lowest number of specialists to deal with them.  It is estimated that by 2015 half of Europe will be suffering from allergies.
Help for Allergy Sufferers
Aloe Drinks: Aloe Vera Gel, Berry Nectar or Bits ’n’ Peaches – 3-6oz daily
Bee Pollen: Increasing slowly, start with ¼ tablet, 1-6 tablets to be taken with meals (more may be taken as this is a water soluble vitamin and passes through the system in 6-8 hours)
Absorbent-C: 2 with each meal
Lycium: 2-3 tablets daily taken before each meal
Bee Propolis: 3 tablets daily
Nature Min: 4-6 daily (2 with each meal)
A Beta-CarE: 2 capsules daily
Gin-Chia: 1-3 daily
Aloe Vera GeIIy: Cool and soothing, apply to skin to reduce itching, soreness and swelling